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How We Help New & Established Businesses:
  • Business plan writing services for new and established companies
  • Professional help with starting a business
  • Access to our screened/trusted local service partners who offer small business growth services
  • Small Business Consultant Services & Startup Guidance
  • Business plan writer here to help you start a business!

    Starting a business is why we're here. Let's get a plan together!

    1. Entrepreneurs planning to start small to medium size enterprises
    2. Current business owners looking to establish a business focus
    3. Corporations or new business owners looking to secure funding or a business loan
    4. Companies trying to bring in business partners or new executives
    • Initial business plan creation with review of executive summary
    • Basic competition/market analysis to help pinpoint your most important competitive advantage that separates you from your competition
    • Guidance with finding insurance providers to help decide what insurance will be needed for your specific company
    • Access to trusted financial professionals that can set up your tax structure and accounting system that will best handle your operations plan
    • Guidance with city, state, federal and other legal business documents required to officially open your doors. This is different for each type of industry

    If meeting in Brevard County, the initial face-to-face 2 hour meeting is only $150 with complimentary telephone follow-up support.


    *Teleconference available for out of area clients.

    Business Plan Writing Services and Professional Help Starting a Business in Brevard County Florida and neighboring counties.

    Business plans are required for securing a business loan when trying to start a new business. They help attract new executives and map out the success path for your future. It can be a helpful guide to the structure of your company, the day to day operations, ways to grow new business and most importantly; establish the business focus.

    Business Plan Writer & Business Writer Consultant

    All Business Plans Include:

    • Executive Summary Business
    • Description/Structure/Vision-Mission Statement
    • Marketing to Consider
    • Basics Needed for Management & Personnel
    • Financial Startup Basics
    No businesses are alike,
    no business plan should be either!
    • Operational Business Plans
    • Strategic Business Plans
    • Tactical Business Plans
    • Contingency Business Planning