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started growing gourmet mushrooms as a hobby several years ago, and after receiving high praise from friends and family as to the flavor and quality of my mushrooms decided to try and make a business of it. A friend of mine put me in touch with Julia, whose network of people interested in gourmet mushrooms (some for non-culinary uses) was surprising to say the least. After meeting with Julia, I felt more confident than ever that I would be able to succeed moving forward. Deciding to start a business -- providing people with gourmet mushrooms, expanding, being a business owner -- felt great. Starting a business -- learning about what sort of insurances I will need, getting the proper licenses, filing the paperwork -- felt overwhelming. After my meeting with Julia, overwhelmed was one of the last things I felt. She had answers to the vast majority of my questions, and was able to put me in touch with people who could answer the questions she couldn't. I am still in the process of getting everything with my business finalized, but Julia has already put me in touch with numerous people who I feel will be paramount in my success, and continues to introduce me to people interested in gourmet mushrooms on a regular basis.
Vadim Yeniy
Sunshine Mushrooms LLC



Julia has a profound ability to articulate what is needed to expand a business. With the concept of “salting the hay”, she changes the game. Instead of convincing clients of value, which is like to make a horse drink water, Julia’s focus is on the strategy of answering the needs of clients. Thank you, Julia, for pointing out how to better serve people with my business, NATURAL HEALING
Marlene Weiss, LMT/Wellness Coach
BA Expressive Arts
950 N US 1, Suite 107
Cocoa, FL  32922

The Board Game Experience

Julia was amazing and helped me really think through all the aspects of my business. Her network is vast and she was able to refer me to many local resources, businesses, and entrepreneurs who could help me get my business off the ground and on a stable foundation. Although I have years of experience as a CFO and making financial models, the entirety of the business plan was still overwhelming to me so Julia's advice and perspective was extremely valuable.
Phil Murray
Owner, The Board Game Experience
I am so fortunate to have met Julia! My connections to others have greatly increase and she is THE BEST at connecting the perfect people! I’ve been in networking groups for over 15 years and haven’t met anyone that comes close to what she accomplishes! I’m SUPER excited to meet with Julia to prepare my business plan! She’s already given me so many wonderful ideas, things to consider, and, of course, CONNECTIONS!

Text or call: 321.536.8041
Jacqueline Davidson, CPT, CHC
A Lifetime of Fitness
My name is Frank Robb. I am the Founder, President, and CEO of EEARSS.ORG a 501c3 non-profit. I have known Ms. Julia since her time as a professor. We reconnected years later after I graduated. She has provided me some influential tips, hints, ideas, and business sense. She is a sincerely kind and trustworthy woman with extreme business sense. You would be blessed to be involved with her.
Frank Robb
My name is Andrea Leib and I am the Personal Chef, Caterer and Owner of Andriaella Catering. Cooking has been a my passion of mine my entire life and through this business I am so very blessed to be able to do what I love and share it with the world through food. Over the past 4 years since I started Andriaella Catering we have had our fair share of great things and not so great things happen. I would have to say that my biggest challenge has been getting through 2020, but I wouldn’t change that experience because I learned some valuable lessons about the business as well as new packaging processes that I can use in the future. When I look back at my business over the past few years, I can see what I’ve learned and overcome and it makes me excited and ready to see how we will continue to grow in the future.
Andrea Leib
Andriaella Catering
Thank you for your assistance with my initial written business plan for Tasty Greens llc. Your attention to detail and ability to think outside the box helped me consider many avenues of marketing. Your planning session provided a step by step process to seamlessly launch my business. I was able to formalize my LLC and receive Department of Agriculture certification with few hiccups. I thought all I needed to start a business was to grow and sell products. You opened my eyes to all the finer details of business administration.
Tasty Greens

August 2021 - Business Plan Created

Within less than a week in moving to Titusville. the lovely and enthusiastic Julia met with me at the La Cita Country Club to help me to expand my business Step by step we went over the business plan outline. She helped me to create my vision and mission statement within minutes. She also helped me with the more practlical elements encouraging me to form an LLC and join the up and coming Titusville Business Friends to network with the first Thursday of every month. Immediately she went to work advertising for students for me and I had 2 piano clients from the very first meeting! She also gave me ideas for ways to expand and create that I had never thought of. We both identified that joy was our touchstone in both our businesses. Julia's dedication to prospering theTituslville entreprenuers in an ever greater way and my devotion to spreading the joy of music through teaching and performance with 20 years experience in my new home, Titusville! I am so grateful for Julia's encouragement and interest. She's like a Godmother to my business giving her all and she will give you her all too!!
Bess B.
Piano & Voice by Bess

July 2021 - Business Plan Created

I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Julia a few weeks ago, and honestly it was like “Magic”. Within minutes, it felt like we had known each other for years. I immediately made a consulting appointment. We have been in business for over 27 years but have recently decided to expand and Julia came along at the right time. Her knowledge and reach of resources are amazing. The new information that she shared with us, and the outline of our new business plan is so easy to follow, we are excited for what the future holds. Julia was the key component we needed to make sure we are headed in the direction of more success. I would highly recommend her, especially for a new business, but even if you have been in business for years, getting a good “check-up” can key to new growth, getting rid of old habits, and just staying updated. The best take away is Julia herself. Thanks Julia!
Pam A.
Affordable Door Services

June 2021 - Business Plan Created

I had been working for a few years without a real plan to grow the business before I met Julia. When we got together I was able to answer fundamental questions about my business that I didn’t know needed answering. Creating a plan gave me a guide to follow for my business development.
Joshua E.
Wealth Strategist

December 2020 - Business Plan Created

Engaging Breezeway Business Plans' assistance in building our new business has been one of the smartest decisions my partners and I have made. Julia has an out-of-the-box approach to creating business plans that perfectly suits our eclectic needs. The ongoing support she provides is invaluable and we are grateful to have her on our team.

January 2021 - Business Plan Created

I'd like to share a few words on how Julia at Breezwaybusinessplans has guided me on the whole business plan processes. Her enthusiasm, passion with a smile makes you feel like you can tackle everything and anything that may come my way. I wan to say thank you for your encouragement, knowledge in the areas that are needed to start, build and grow a business. This is my first go around and its been a scary, challenging and exciting all wrapped up in one. I look forward in sharing with you on the outcome of my new business advantage in 2021!
Myrna P.

December 2020 - Business Plan Created